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Cage Match follow up

The cage match is still ongoing, and while yesterday I mentioned that the comments were getting a bit caustic they’ve since become even more so. I don’t much care if people are nasty to me; I see that sort of thing in Amazon.com reviews or blog reviews all the time and I don’t much care. Truth is, you can’t be raised the way I was raised and still be all delicate when someone tells you how much you suck. I have some thick calluses over those spots.

But now it’s started between commenters, and that sorta sucks. The truth is, there are a lot of readers out there who haven’t been exposed to R. Scott Bakker’s books and would like them, but not if his current readers treat them with condescension and contempt.

Here’s a general guideline I would like people to follow: If you like a particular author’s books and someone unfamiliar with them suggests that the description so far makes them sound kind of dull? Please PLEASE do not start the “… displays an ignorance and shallow judgment that frankly says you’re not worth [author]‘s time as a reader anyway” stuff.

If you like a book or book series, do not try to drive away readers you consider unworthy.


Anyway, Ray is losing by a narrow margin. Voting ends on Thursday 5pm EST, so if you want to vote for him please do. I’d like to win the match so he faces Tyrion in round 2–I have a couple of fun ideas for that.

If he doesn’t win, no big. That just means I’ll have more time to put into my new book this weekend.

Finally, I turned comments back on as a trial run, but the spam has been piling up in the spam filter. That’s what it’s supposed to do, obviously, but it’s very time-consuming to search through it for ham, and I’m unlikely to leave comments on for long. Sorry.

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Mar. 8th, 2012 05:36 pm (UTC)
Ha, have they resorted to calling each other Nazis? Because that's when you know you've made it!
Mar. 9th, 2012 01:13 am (UTC)
Mostly it's a litany of the ways I suck (which is fine).

Fun crowd.