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Six Things Make A Post


2) Ten Things Food Banks Need But Won’t Ask For. At first I thought it was a little late for me to be posting this, but then I smacked my forehead. People are hungry all year round, not just during the holiday.

3) At first, I thought this was satirical, but when I saw that it was Conservapedia, I believed it. Those people are too far gone to satirize: Extreme right wingers rewriting Bible because it’s not conservative enough.

4) Why Marketers Fear The Female Geek. As a marketing category, “geek” is not truly going to come into its own until every kind is welcomed.

5) U of C study demonstrates that “drug-sniffing” dogs do not actually sniff drugs. What they actually do is respond to the K9 officer’s signals on when to alert, essentially giving police the power for warrantless searches.

6) Downtown Seattle’s PERSON OF INTEREST technology. Okay, so it’s not quite POI, but what the SPD has installed (and won’t talk about) is creepily invasive.

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Dec. 24th, 2013 06:13 pm (UTC)
In response to #5. Makes me wonder how many K9 officers over cue the dogs. Our local officer has a lot of drug arrests. And a lot of times when the dog is brought out due to officer suspiscions and no drugs are located. One time the dog was going nuts in the kennel while the officer was out at the suspect vehicle. Found a ton in that car. There was no way for the officer to "cue" him.

This k9 has never false alerted (some are badly trained and do)and the officer is a highly moral one. He is not called in (other than doing the school sweeps) unless the other officer requests it due to the suspects behavior or other clues. I feel like the local pd does its best to bypass situations like that.

Man I am too tired to type. Time to return to sleep. Working nights bites.
Dec. 24th, 2013 08:52 pm (UTC)
There's a problem with gov't institutions that give people power and rely on them being highly moral to see that power is not abused. What happens if that officer retires?

Anecdotes aside, so-called drug sniffing dogs often do not do well on double-blind tests, and training companies/police forces don't want them to be tested. That's a problem.
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