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Randomness for 1/10

1) A random comic generator. NSFW.

2) Things said by and to a two-year-old, as graphic design posters.

3) Was 2014 the Year of the Video Essay? Who knew? How to make a great video essay: Video (naturally)

4) A long run down a concrete luge in New Zealand. Video.

5) Artist adds cute illustrations to photos on Instagram. So cool.

6) Google maps for fantasy spaces. Cute.

7) Questions posed to librarians before the internet.

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Jan. 12th, 2015 12:06 pm (UTC)
2) Those make me wish my kids were younger. for about 5 seconds.

4) Okay. I'm in.

7) Do you think our kids will believe that librarians were the internet before the internet? I mean, I don't think they'll ever understand card catalogs.
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