A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

For God's Sake

So, it's vacation, and I'm playing Diablo. I've beaten ever monster in the game except the last one, Diablo. I can't beat him. He's faster than me. He hits harder than I do. I can't carry enough healing at the ready to counter his attacks while laying in mine.

I've tried every damn thing I can think of, including laying in two dozen firewalls for him to walk through as he comes at me. Once Diablo gets pissed enough to close with me, I'm screwed.

So I go online and look up stratgies that will work. I've tried every tip I could find except one: Run that same character through a new game to build up the character's power level. And all I can think is, are they kidding me? Do I really have to do 16 levels all over again just to finish the game?
Tags: reasons i suck, wasting time

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