A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Non-poll poll

Let's say you have a story that you want to submit to F&SF. Let's also say that the story is finally ready to be sent today, August 18.

August 18 happens to be the day of the F&SF slush bomb, when (supposedly) a bunch of women were going to send a story to that mag en masse. Unfortunately, you are not a woman (because you're me) and the story you plan to send is full of boy cooties. IOW, swordfights, brothel, dead monster, brothers betraying each other, that sort of thing.

There's no way in hell F&SF is going to buy this story. They've never bought anything you've sent them, and they certainly don't buy this. In fact, the only reason you're mailing it to them is because it has the words "venom cock" in it. (Okay, there are two reasons: maybe they will buy it after all--even though they won't.)

Here're the questions:

Do you send it to them today, so it will arrive with the slush bomb? Do you hold on to it for two weeks and send it then? Or do you not bother to send it at all?

What do you think?
Tags: wasting time

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