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Portugal, Day Six

The day before, we’d agreed that my son would not have to come up the hill to the castle because we thought he’d have to walk the whole way, and he can’t do that without pain. However, once we found out about the train-car, we had to drag him up there.

Actually, I dragged him up there while his mom and her sister brought their sketch pads to the local gardens (which turned out to be more park than garden, but whatever). With the boy, I found parts of the castle that I’d missed the previous trip, but things were also cut short due to pain. I don’t have many pictures today, because the boy was reluctant. I do have a photo of the train-car, though.

Portugal, Day Six

Food-wise, the day was better. The less expensive Italian place was open, and the boy got the pizza he’d been wanting. After that, my wife and her sister wandered the town with their sketch books, while I kicked back on my computer, mostly writing these blog posts. We wrapped up the day by playing a round of iota, a card game so small that it fits into a tiny bandaid-sized tin, and is perfect for travel.

It was sorta sad that we’ve had two meals out that we really enjoyed, and both were in Italian restaurants.

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