A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Dinner out

My family and I just returned from a terrific dinner with jodi_davis. She's in town for work, and she arranged for us to drop by, meet in person, and hang out.

It was great. Salad Eater brought the boy over earlier in the afternoon, at Jodi's invitation, and they swam in the pool. Mango Eater had a blast. I joined them after work and we waited for Jodi in her hotel room. The boy turned out all the lights and we all made ghost noises in the hotel room, trying to scare each other. (I might have gone a little far with that one. I think the boy got a little spooked for a bit.)

Then Jodi arrived with the food.

Now, we're food lovers in my family (can you tell?) and this was a real treat. We had mango salad, lobster won tons, and cognac luc lac sirloin, just as she said she would. There was other food there, but I was too boggled to really take it all in.

And frankly, as much as we love to eat, we don't usually get to enjoy treats like the ones we had tonight. And the leftovers! That was a pretty awesome.

And of course, we got to hang out with Jodi, who is awesome and cool and funny. She even managed to decode some of my wife's statements--when she gets tired, Salad Eater can become a little vague with her nouns and verbs, until she finally starts saying things like "He put the thing on the thing and that ruined the whole -ness of it all" and even I get lost.

We laughed and told stories and let the boy read from his riddle book and had a great time. It's hard to believe I "met" Jodi for the first time when I signed on to Wordplay back in 1998. It was great to finally meet her in person.

Thanks, Jodi!

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