A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck


As it turns out, The Boss did have a long talk with a friend. A woman at work was having trouble with her husband (from hearing a second-hand one-sided version of the problem, he sounds like an idiot) and bent The Boss's ear about it.

Actually, I like when she hangs around with other married women. They always complain about their men and I come out looking like a keeper.

Anyway, I worry about her all the time. When we first moved in together, I worked the 5am shift and she worked the 4 pm, and there were times I laid awake in bed worrying about whether she would ride her bike home safely in the winter time. I'd be awake for hours, and when I'd finally hear the squeal of her bike brakes I'd think "Ah, there she is," and drop off to sleep immediately.

I don't do that too often anymore. I worried so many nights and been wrong about it that I have a little more trust. I sleep better, at least.

Sorry if this one is a little rough. I've just rolled out of bed.
Tags: the wife

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