A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Inda by Sherwood Smith

One of the reasons I read fantasy, especially epic fantasy, is because the stories step back. It will start in a little village or castle or something, and the setting will be interesting, the problems enthralling, the magic mysterious, right? Then, the story steps back to let the reader see something larger. We see more of the society, more strange hints about the magic, the surprisingly large scope of the problems.

Then it happens again and again. The picture the reader has of the world becomes more varied, more complex, more mysterious, which (handled correctly) deepens the stakes for the protagonist(s).

That's just what you get with Inda, a terrific epic fantasy from Sherwood Smith (aka sartorias). This book is an example of many of the reasons why I read fantasy. Setting. Character. Scope. Magic. Danger. Sympathetic villains (who had stopped being so sympathetic we before the end).

It's a great story. I just wish it had ended with a climax instead of a cliffhanger, but what the hell. It's tremendous fun and it's big. A lot of fantasies try for scope, but this book acheives it.

Highly recommended.
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