A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Open ass, insert head

So, jaylake has been talking about professionalism lately, which has made me think about my own suckitude.

For instance, in May, I queried several agents. In July, I queried several more in the next wave. Unfortunately, one of the July queries went to an agent I'd queried in May. Oops. I'm not exactly Mr. Record-Keeping here.

Thing is, I didn't even notice until about a week ago.

To make things even more interesting, I was doing followup queries when I looked at my lists and thought This guy didn't reply yet. Why don't I send another query to him? Yep, you guessed it. It's the same guy.

I've now sent him the same material three times since May. Oh, well. All he can do is hate me, right?

On the other hand, Salad Eater was making biscuits for breakfast this morning, and for some reason (read: she's not sleeping enough) mixed up baking soda and baking powder.

You really don't want to bite into a biscuit made from dough with four teaspoons of baking soda in it. Really. You don't want that.

We're just a pack of happy screwups around here.
Tags: reasons i suck, the wife

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