A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Devil Water and Family Bones

Some friends of mine are trying to launch a line of comic books, and the first two debut comics were Devil Water #1 and Family Bones #1.

Devil Water is a dark western fantasy with simple, evocative line art and a straight-forward story about outlaws, one-street towns and snake-oil salesmen. And hidden pools of magic water. The first issue is mostly setup, but it's a fun comic. I recommend it.

Family Bones is a drama set in the midwest, and it's potentially more interesting story. And how damning is the word "potentially" in that last sentence? The introduction sets up the story letting you know right up front that the protagonist, a city kid sent to spend a summer on a relative's farm, was going to be killed before the story ended. It could have brought real power and poignance to the story, but unfortunately, the art doesn't work at all.

The crooked, careless art style (at one point, two characters talking in a car seem to switch places mid conversation) ruins it. If there's a new artist on the second issue, I'll give it another try. Otherwise, not.
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