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"So, ladies: Give us men a break. And let us into the tent."

Seen via Lit Soup

Publishing discriminates against men!

Here's an excerpt of the argument:

The statistics suggest that women purchase 60% to 70% of the books. They read more than men. But why? Are men less literate? Or is it that they are ill-served by the book market because it is dominated—dare I say, controlled?—by women.

Oh my gosh! It's absolutely obvious to me that this guy keeps getting rejected for no other reason than that he's a man who wrote a manly book! Good thing Louis L'Amour isn't trying to break in today--he'd be rejected simply because he writes for men!

Of course, you can see for how true that is when you go to his website and read this description of his apparently self-published e-book:

FATA! The Act of the Avengeance is the first novel released in the de’Conti Series. It is a story of failed redemption. Niccolò Cérvantés de’Conti lost his daughter Elspeth at the hands of the worst predators. Her youth and innocence snuffed out in the April of her prime. That life-changing event made de’Conti eligible.

Yes, you can see for yourself just how true his assertion is.
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