A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Oh, and...

Also, we obviously have our power back. Thank goodness, too, because it's supposed to go down to 28 F tonight, and our place is not insulated. In fact, it's a little drafty.

I had two people offer to put us up today, which surprised me. People don't usually offer me things. I suspect it's because of the boy and the wife. People like them. They talk to them. Me, I don't get a lot of folks inviting me to stay in their home.

And another thing, here's something that sucks: Christmas shopping by bus. With a car, you buy stuff at one store, shove the bags in your trunk and move on to the next. When you shop by bus, you carry everything from one store to the next. It sucks.

More later.

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