A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Brandon Sanderson, who wrote Elantris, a book I thought was fun, if a little light. suggests we buy hardcovers to help support authors. He's rewritten it a bit since it was first posted to take out references to how much we "give" him when we buy one of his books.

One problem with that: I don't "support" authors. I never have. I buy books I want to read, and if I want to read it bad enough, I buy them in hardback. For the last year or two money has been too tight for books, but even back when things were more comfortable, financially-speaking, I didn't spend my money to ensure a living wage for authors.

It's a strange attitude I've seen before from people in the arts: The government/tax payers/audience members should give money to support writers and artists to help them do their work. It's not going to happen. People don't donate money for this, so suck it up.
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