A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Hello, winter

I'm about to take the boy out for a Sat. library run, so Salad Eater will have time to work on her painting.

It's 25F degrees outside.

I know you folks in the midwest and mountain states laugh at those temps, but I imagine you have storm doors and insulation in your cinderblock walls. Here in Seattle, such things are entirely optional, and we have an unending draft of cold air blowing through our apartment. We also have electric baseboard heat, which we can't afford to turn on.

As a result, its 55F degrees in here, and there's very little comfort to be found. Salad Eater and I are bundled up in slippers and sweaters. Mango Eater, who loves the cold, is wearing sweat pants and a thin turtleneck. His hands are like icicles every time he tries to climb on me, but he swears he loves it.

Time to break out the gloves and scarves. Stay warm, everyone.

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