A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Inspired by my previous post, I'd like to compile a list of common sense promises[1] I will make to myself if I ever become a mad/hapless scientist

- "I will, under no circumstances, build a robot out of indestructible materials."

- "I will not build computers with their hard drives in their monitors, such that they are destroyed when the monitor screens are smashed."

- "I will not fall into the depths of criminal despair if my free-energy experiment fails, especially if I've developed mentally-controlled artificial octopus tentacles limbs that could help millions of handicapped people around the world.

- "If I ever discover a super secret formula that will completely change the world, I won't put the only copy of that formula on a cd-rom that I carry around in my jacket pocket..." by mac_stone.

Post your additions in comments below!

[1]Inspired by the Evil Overlord list, 'natch.
Tags: internet, wasting time

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