A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Last night, Salad Eater was not feeling well. She kept shivering and her low back was really hurting. She was also pretty woozy. She thought her adrenal exhaustion was coming back, but she couldn't sleep. She hasn't been sleeping well for a long time.

I tried to talk her into a doctor's appointment, but she resisted. She saw a lot of doctors when she was a kid because of her ears, and they didn't help her much. She's wonderful but stubborn.

This morning, her low back was really painful. She could barely move around and she kept fighting the urge to vomit. And she couldn't get warm. I called in sick to work, made the earliest doctor's appointment I could--12:30 that afternoon--and tried to make her comfortable.

By 10:30 that morning she had a 102 fever and she was miserable and frightened. She kept asking me if we should go to an emergency room.

Have I mentioned that I'm a worrier with a morbid imagination? You don't even want to know what I was imagining.

I called the community careline and the triage nurse talked to her about her symptoms. We kept the 12:30 appointment, and even better, one of my co-workers happened to be driving by and offered to drive us to the clinic. We arrived a little early and she was seen a little early.

The doctor believed it was some kind of viral infection. Apparently, pain in the kidney area is common in viral infections. Also, the body feels cold and shivers in an attempt to create a fever. Weird. Also, by the time she was at the doctor's office the fever was gone.

We bussed home and, after she took some ibuprofen she took a nap. Right now she's much, much better than she was. She's herself again, if a little sick.

Poor Mango Eater is now running a very low-grade fever.

Me, I'm exhausted. I'm behind on emails and my friend's list and I still haven't finished inputting the corrections to Harvest of Fire. Who knew worrying could be so exhausting?
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