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The good friend who directed the movie I wrote is going to L.A. today, and per his request I've printed and bound a couple scripts for him to take along.

And he never came by to meet with me or pick them up. Some things never change.

Anyway, his request prompted me to review the last script. It's amazing how easy it is to rewrite something four or five times and still miss a gaping plot hole. Note to self: If the chained-up vampire can animate a corpse to chase down and kill the protagonist, she can animate a corpse to fetch something across the room, too. Duh.

I wonder what I've missed this time through.

I'm pretty happy with another change I made--I gave a speech to another character who previously hadn't had much to do. The script needed something thoughtful and quiet there, and I needed to make explicit that the protagonist was doing something a bit creepy (previous readers hadn't picked up on that at all.)

Unfortunately, her dramatic moment makes a later (already iffy) scene untenable. Once I figure out what to do with *that*....
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