A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Hook for Harvest of Fire

At the end of Feb. I said I would be posting my hook for my latest book and requesting feedback on it. Here it is a month and a half later.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated:

Ray thinks he is just the driver. Sure, he has a little magic, but his boss Annalise has the real power. She's a sorcerer so changed by decades of magic that she barely qualifies as human. Ray doesn't much like driving her across the country so she could hunt and kill other sorcerers, but if he tries to quit his job he'll jump right to the top of her list.

But her next kill goes all wrong and Annalise is badly injured. She is slowly dying while her target goes to ground. Alone, Ray must search for the man who is sacrificing local children to make his company and community thrive, but if Annalise doesn't have the power to stop him, what hope does Ray have?

Harvest of Fire is a 102,000-word contemporary fantasy.

Thanks for your time.
Tags: harvest of fire, words

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