A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck


I have been having trouble keeping up with my sleep. Saturday, I was exhausted. When I put the boy to bed, I fell asleep beside his bed at about 9:15. My watch alarm woke both of us at 5 am, and the Tiny Tyrant stood in his bed, said "Sorry, Dad, but I'm leaving."

He went into our bed and slept in with the Boss.

Me, I climbed into his bed and turned off my alarm. I blew off writing on Sunday. Since The Boss is used to me being out of the house when she wakes up, it didn't even occur to her to come look for me until about 9:15 am. I had 12 hours of sleep.


That night, I put the boy to bed again and fell asleep at about 10 pm. At 2:20 am, I woke up and went into my own bed.

I couldn't fall back to sleep.

At three am, I climbed out of bed and went online, looking for ways to bore myself back to sleep for an hour or two. It didn't happen. I spent all of Monday stumbling around like a zombie.

What's the point of catching up on sleep if I'm just going to lose it again?
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