A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Father's Day

Yesterday was my Father's Day. Salad Eater is taking Mango Eater back east to spend the real Father's Day with her dad. They haven't seen the boy in quite a few months and by all reports are very excited about the visit.

For my Father's Day, the first thing I asked for (and got) was a couple hours alone in the morning to do some pages. I almost finished a short story called "The Bone Orchid," (finished it just now, actually--first draft, though. It needs a lot of work).

Then we went out to breakfast. I love going out for breakfast. Unfortunately, we get a late start and had to eat lunch instead.

From there we caught a bus to the Museum of History and Industry. I've been meaning write a story set in old Seattle, but it needs researching. I got some great ideas for it, though.

After that, we came home and I made burgers for us all. The buns were store-bought, but everything else was especially nice.

Great day. It was a great day.

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