A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

I take the bus to work every morning, and while I don't love the bus, I do like it. I don't show up all sweaty like I did with my bike, I don't have a car, and I live too far away to walk. My one-man gyrocopter is in the shop, too.

Also, I like to read.

Generally it's not a good place to people watch because folks turn off their body language. Still there are a couple of interesting trends I've noticed.

For instance, once a rider decides they're going to stand in the aisle, all the other riders do the same, even if there are open seats.

At the back of our buses we have a long bench of five seat, and beside that two benches of three that face the center. Eleven seats. I was sitting back there along with five other people, which meant there five open seats available. It's an office worker's route, too, so it's not like we had stinky homeless guys or skinheads with "666" and pentacles drawn on his face in ball point pen. The most disreputable person there was me, and while I'm ugly I'm not exactly scary.

But two women got on the bus, looked at the back and decided they weren't going there. They stopped in the aisle and stood for the whole ride.

And people who got on at later stops either sat near the front or stopped in the aisle as though the way was blocked. With one exception, they all looked at the empty seats at the back of the bus, then at the people in the way, then decided not to squeeze by and sit. Even Mr. Exception spent about five minutes building up the nerve to excuse me to a seat of his own.

New riders stand if there's one standing rider in the way. Weird.
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