A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Date food

Last night Salad Eater and I actually got to go on a date. Thanks for watching the kid, SlL!

Of course we went to The Boat Street Cafe (their website needs updating). The food was fantastics.

We started with this wonderful pate, then selected a wine from this winery:

but not this exact wine

But not that exact wine. Salad Eater wanted to get the lamb shoulder chop but I was tempted to try the grilled lamb's tongue, which came with a white bean puree and pickled watermelon. The waitress warned me that, of all their meals, the tongue had the smallest portion. It wasn't impossibly small, but it wasn't as big as their other entrees.

So I ordered the rib eye with olive tapenade instead. While that was being cooked for us, the waitress brought over a plate of the grilled tongue, gratis. The tongue was perfect, and the pickled watermelon was a revelation. I loved it all. When our real entrees arrived we were primed to enjoy them, and that's what we did.

For dessert we shared a hefty slide of peach olive oil cake, which we ordered just because it sounded weird. That was also heaven.

I'm so glad that restaurant is back and so much closer to us. I just wish we could go there more often.
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