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It's not all about the kid, is it? Is it?

First: An annoying writer telling an agent that long response times to queries are unacceptable because, among other reasons, the delay means the "conversation" begun with the query will lose "momentum." Witness also the same poster reply to the agent's followup comment by explaining that they don't communicate very well.

Sheesh. We need a second internet for the stupid people to play on, like a game preserve. Everyone one tick dumber than me can hang out there instead of here.


I have BIONIC WOMAN a try earlier in the week. Meh. It has some good things in it, but I am extremely over the super-spies who never show emotion. Please. How about some spies who laugh and have quirks and a zest for life? Who have charisma? Then, when things get serious and they go all stone-faced, it means something.

And how ridiculous is it that they shoehorn in a fakey line like "I'm just glad a girl can do things like that?" Hooray for female empowerment! In a show that opens with a woman who says "I'm out of control!" and "Love me!" and of course the guy does love her, right after he's shot her.

Not to mention our heroine who has chips in her brain that take control of her, and who is going to help her with that little problem? Her boyfriend and the men he works for/with.

Oh, and there's one woman among the superspies. She's a psychiatrist who wants to discuss the bionic woman's feelings. I just glad a girl can do things like that.

And the next night was MOONLIGHT. Oy. Not only does the show open with an interview with the vampire Pee-eye hero of the show in which he lays out the all the powers and limits he has as a vamp (weirdest bit--he doesn't sleep in a coffin, he sleeps in a freezer. wtf?), but that ever-so-subtle bit of exposition actually turns out to be a fantasy sequence and the very next scene shows the hero waking out of his chill chest.

Why? Who knows?

Anyway, the stylish and intriguing story-telling continues. The female lead works at one of those web-only news agencies you only see on TV shows circa 1998, and she decided that she and the vamp PI (his name is Mick St. John, if you can stand it) are going to team up for no particular reason.

Did I mention that the vampire saved her life when she was a little girl and he's shadowed her for 20+ years. And that now that she's a hottie they're starting to flirt with each other? Yeah, it squicks me, too.

The mystery they investigate is exactly what you expect it to be, with exactly the "surprise!" reveal that you expected once the killer makes his final move. And our super-strong, super-fast vampire hero has to go up against a scrawny, fatuous college professor and a dorky grad student in the final act. Once those obstacles are undercome, there's nothing left but to try to make soulful expressions at the girl.

Anyway, everyone is miscast, except perhaps the female lead and the obligatory-black-people-in-positions-of-authority. Jason Dohring plays nothing but fearful petulance as the oldest vampire in L.A. And the guy playing the protagonist... jeez. The guy is looks good, sure, but he has this whole lunkhead rhythm guitarist vibe to him. He never looks mysterious, only mystified.

I'm just as befuddled as the lead character as to how this shit got on the air. At least it's better than FLASH GORDON.


I also finished my synopsis today for Harvest of Fire. Now there's nothing left but the mailing. Also, the deciding what to do next.

Did I mention the book sale? I went to the Friends of the Library book sale today. I picked up two books on Seattle history, two books on local plant and animal life (with pictures!) and three books of mazes for the boy.

It wasn't worth it. I didn't go in with a hunger to get get get. I had a couple subjects I wanted to check out, but I wasn't in major acquisition mode.

So I didn't have fun. No great discoveries. No lucky finds. Just the nagging feeling that I should have spent the afternoon at home, hanging with my family on the one day we could all be together.
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