A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Today's sophistry is brought to you by the letter "ow."

If your eyesight is very acute, it's wonderful. If you have a very discerning sense of taste, people admire your perceptiveness.

If your sense of touch is extremely sensitive, on the other hand, you're a wimp.

Which is just to say that I needed three shots of novocaine to get my cavity filled. This was the "small" cavity that hurt like wildfire under the drill. Luckily, the woman scheduled after me had to cancel or they would have been behind all day. But you know what they say: big hands, big feet, big mandibular nerves.

The pain killer has worn off now, and my jaw is aching. Time to start answering phones!

I swear to God, from this day forward, I will floss every day. EVERY DAY!

Also, still not getting email notifications from LJ
Tags: reasons i suck

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