A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans reading this.

The friends list page I'm currently reading says "skip 210" in the url. Guess I'm a little behind.

Yesterday, I dropped off Mango Eater at his friend's apartment for a play date and I went to the coffee shop across the street for a little writing time. It should have been great, but the only open table was right next to two people who bickered and cursed at each other for more than an hour, while complaining bitterly about all the morons they had to deal with.

Most of the cursing and recriminations came from the woman. Jeez, she laid a rash of shit on that guy.

Let's just say that al that rage and contempt did not make for a particularly productive session--only 3 pages.

My laptop rocks, though.

Hope you're having some turkey later.

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