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Why did they cgi an image of Darren McGavin as Karl Kolchak into a scene where Stuart Townsend as Carl Kolchak walks through the newsroom? Why remind me of the genuinely fun show they are trying and failing to emulate?

Last night I watched the premiere of Veronica Mars. Tonight I'm watching the premiere of Night Stalker. It's amazing how different the two shows are.

Both are intelligently written. Both have smart people behind them. IMDB lists Jeff Rice as the creator of Night Stalker--he's the creator of the original series and X-Files alumni Frank Spotnitz. It should be a home run, but instead it's another scare show, little better than Supernatural.

The big difference between Veronica Mars, Kolchak: The Night Stalker and the new version of The Night Stalker is the central character. Veronica is full of boldness and character. She's vivid. She flies in the face of authority and she dares to do what we would not.

Karl Kolchak was the same. He was brash and fearless.

This new Carl Kolchak is all smoldering pretty-boy intensity. He doesn't charge against barriers, he acquiesces. Instead of being brash and fearless, he's possessed of all kinds of secret knowledge, as though that's supposed to make him cool or interesting. Oh, he takes chances and faces monsters, but that's TV standard. What he doesn't do is live bravely. He doesn't publish the true story he investigates. He doesn't tell the FBI agent hunting him that he's a corrupt idiot. When the agent and coroner lie to them about the monster corpse he brought them, he just turns his back and slinks away.

It's disappointing. Lately, I find myself drawn to courage. Give me brave characters, who do what I wouldn't dare to do. That's exciting and inspiring.
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