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In which I link to things.

* Robot Guitar tunes itself. The link takes you to the NPR page where you can hear the story.

* Would nuclear power reduce greenhouse gasses? And how safe is it? The link also takes you to the NPR page where you can hear the story.

* A surge in support for Mike Huckabee worries GOP fiscal conservatives This is a split that has been too too long in coming. I dislike fiscal conservatives' ideas about the role of government regulation but approve of their (supposed) hands-off policy about citizen privacy. I dislike social conservatives' ideas about regulating personal behavior but approve of their (supposed) support for programs to help the poor. Both groups have compromised the parts of their policy I approve of in order to combine minority political interests intoa powerful voting bloc.

Finally, that seems to be ending.

* Sadly, No! has been taking apart Jonah Goldberg's monumentally stupid new book Liberal Fascism in which he tries to equate liberals with Nazis.

Yeah, you read that right. In this latest and most-cracker-headed excerpt, The Nazi's secret pro-gay agenda is discussed.

If this book doesn't drive Mr. Goldberg to the McDonald's fry line, nothing will.

* How to manufacture the next Harry Potter book Apparently, it requires online games

* Ooo! Look! The Best American Comics 2007! None of which sounds even remotely interesting to me.

* Finally, The NYTimes almost convinces me to give the latest Sue Grafton novel a read.
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