A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Everyone Loves Clowns

... not.

I, for one, fear the day that clowns go the way of the wandering minstrel--utterly forgotten except for a few historical dress-up types. [1]

Can the horror genre withstand the irrelevance of one of it's signature tropes, the evil clown?

Also, the National Library in France has put on a exhibit of "more than 350 sexually explicit literary works, manuscripts, engravings, lithographs, photographs, film clips, even calling cards and cardboard pop-ups."

Money quote: "The items, on display through March 22, are drawn from a permanent collection created in the 1830s when the library isolated works considered “contrary to good morals.” They were put in a locked section with its own card catalog and given the name L’Enfer — hell. "

Finally, here's a link for the next person who thinks the U.S. healthcare system is the best in the world. Here's some followup. Only, of course, if the numbers are accurate.

In personal news, I overslept this morning, but managed to make my word count anyway. I'm well past the goal I need to reach to have my day off this week, but it's nice to get ahead, too.

Oh, and finally, finally: jaylake talks about writing queries and the problematic idea that a writer can't break in because the stuff they write is good but out of fashion.

I had commented on the first post because, hey, I just signed on with an agent on the basis (initially, 'natch) of a cold query, but then I deleted it. It was too scattered to make sense and the whole tone felt wrong.

Still, interesting stuff there.

[1]I'd love to see a story about an SCA-type organization a thousand years hence who put on 20th century fairs. Who would people want to dress as? Who would be forgotten? Who would put on the costumes of suicide bombers the way modern costumers dress up as pirates?

But I'm sure this story has already been written.
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