A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

I hate this

I'm coughing. I can't take a deep breath. The tickle in my throat is migrating to my chest. My doctor's appointment is Tuesday morning.

I'm pretty sure it's walking pneumonia. Trouble is, I'm at a job where I have to talk to people, and that's tough to do without hacking so hard I get dizzy. Do I go home? Stay here and take a couple calls here and there, when I feel up to it? Am I turning my office into a petri dish?

I would walk out of here right now, except that I had to burn off all my PTO to take a leave of absence, and just yesterday they asked us not to use it up as fast as we get it, which is what I'd be doing.

Also, I'm pretty sure I upset someone on my f-list with a joke I posted in her blog. I was trying to turn things around to make her laugh, but it didn't turn out that way. Dumb.

Finally, I'm worried about my progress on Everyone Loves Blue Dog. I met this week's minimum goal, but I slept through this morning's work session and my outline is not looking as lovely as it did at first. Now that we've been serious about each other for a couple weeks, I'm finding that it farts under the covers and stacks its stuff on my desk. Will true love last? You can never tell.
Tags: everyone loves blue dog, life is great!, reasons i suck

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