A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

I'm back online

Well, after hassling with the tech support people at Qwest, we finally determined that a faulty modem was preventing me from going online. This wasn't a modem I rented from them, by the way. This was a modem they sold me.

See, I used to rent one for two bucks a month. They convinced me to buy because, hey, if it last three years it'll be saving me money! I like keeping old equipment around for as long as it works. The monitor I'm looking at is a 13" CRT I bought from Gateway in 1995. I kid you not. Still works just fine. Go, Gateway!

Unfortunately, the modem did not last three years. It actually lasted me a little over one year. Oh! and guess how long the warranty was good for?

That's right! How did you guess it was only one year? You must be psychic or something.

Would I like to buy another from Qwest for the low. low price of $70? Hell, no! Why don't you go to hell instead?

So I call around to find the modem Qwest says I should have. After calling around I found one place that said they had it in stock: Best Buy. I did some quick calculations: If I left the apartment right then, I could catch the 5pm bus, get there at 6:10 pm, rush across the street and into the store, grab it off the shelf, buy it and be back at the bus stop by 6:31pm to catch the very last bus home.

Guess what happened when I got to the store? Right again! They did not, in fact, have the modem they told me they had. You really are psychic.

Of course I missed my bus. Of course I griped at the poor clerk who was helping me (but in a nice-ish way--I started with "I'm sorry that you're the one who has to hear this, but...") They had another modem that had wireless capacity, but that was $20 bucks more. Why do I need wireless for a Mac Mini? I do not.

After staring mute and dissatisfied at everything he offered me, including a less-good modem that still cost $70 (but which would need another gadget to let me plug the laptop to the internet to update the software), he finally sold me the wireless modem at the cheaper price.

Yeah, I had to go home the long way and was more than an hour late, but what the hell. I had a book to read and I stopped off to buy myself a beer. And I'm back online. Pix of the boy and a snake coming up soon.
Tags: internet, life is great!

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