A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Any publicity is good publicity? Really?

So, a friend has been publishing a comic book about his own great uncle (or something) who was a serial killer. The comic is called Family Bones and is available online for free (link later in this post).

He's from the mid-west, but lives in California now. Naturally, this has led to accusations that he's some shallow Hollywood type poaching on the ugly parts of the history of real Americans. That this is his own family history is beyond them.

Anyway, a TV news show in Kansas City did a special on the comic in which they interviewed a local member of the family.

Was he outraged? Oh, yeah. Had he seen the comic before the newsfolk bought a copy and gave it to him? Of course not. Did they question him when he said that no one in the family has heard of the author? Heck no. Did they google the author and get his side of the story? Hah! That would have been good journalism.

Maybe they'll respond to his emails and other attempts to contact them.

There's a link to the free online versions of the comics at the blog entry above. Give them a read, if you can. He's a good egg.
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