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First! Judith Berman's Nebula-nominated story "Awakenings" is available for free on the Black Gate website. Even if you're not eligible to vote for the Nebula, you should check it out. I loved that story.

Second! I've replaced my "Ink Drinker" userpic with a closeup version. I still don't think the straw comes through. Bah! I'm going to try to find something else.

Third! Salad Eater is on my bony rear end about getting a website. To that end, I've been looking at writers' sites and trying to decide what I like and don't like.

What I don't like is easy: Nicola Griffith, Ray Bradbury, Barbara Hambly, Jeanne Cavelos, or even that one I looked at last night and can't find again, with the big, fancy background image that doesn't move when you scroll down the central column of text.

They all do their job--give information to the public about the author, but none of them seem right for me.

What I do like is this one: http://scalzi.com/. It's extremely simple, isn't graphics intensive, has no javascript (which I turn off in my own browser) and has just a couple simple links.

I also like Sherwood Smith's and James Clemens both have nice-looking sites, although I'd like something even simpler than either. If I was a techie person, I do what Charles Stross did and attribute the lack of graphics to a concern for cross-platform compatibility--what if someone wants to look me up on their raspberry, right?[1]

I wouldn't necessarily use a picture of my kid, but I would like something simple. [2]

What do yo think? What should I consider for a website?

[1] Just a joke. Honest.

[2] You guessed it. I'm a cheap bastard.
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