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From Nooswire: Governor Eliot Spitzer traded to the GOP

(New York) In a deal negotiated late last night, New York governor Eliot Spitzer has been traded to the Republican Party for two politicians not yet named.

RNC spokeswoman Theresa Sauer stated that her party has a long history of sex-scandal-plagued politicians and are glad to have Gov. Spitzer on their team. "We think he's a real bargain," Sauer stated, "since he will not need any time at a heterosexual training camp. He can start with the team right away."

DNC head Howard Dean was also pleased with the deal. "Democrats are comfortable with candidates who have sex. Only the highest ranking members of the party can can go past the half-a-blowjob stage. Now, if he'd just taken kickbacks for contracts or a new summer home from a campaign contributer, then we could have found a place for him on our team.

The embattled governor had no official statement, but a source in the administration stated that, while the governor had always enjoyed being a Democrat, he was happy that he would now be working in the party of reform.

In the deal, Spitzer will join the GOP by the end of the month in exchange for the next two Republican state senators caught taking bribes from non-military government contractors.
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