A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Does anyone else do this? (Books edition)

Do you read a book, enjoy it pretty well, then a week later completely forget what you've read? In my earlier post where I talked about the Dr. Thirteen book I read, I also wanted to discuss the novel I finished last week. But it took me hours to remember it was a Carl Hiassan novel Basket Case. Does this happen to you?

Do you pay close attention to how much more story is left in the story? When I'm reading a novel, it's easy for me to tell how much more story is left just by checking the thickness of the left side of the book. Still, I'll turn to the back and check the last page number so I can track how close it's getting--230 pages left! 80 pages left! 19 pages left!

And I find it really annoying when there's an appendix or an excerpt from the next novel in a series at the back.

For anthologies, magazines and short story collections, I constantly refer back to the TOC to see how long a particular story is and how much longer I have to go to finish. Does anyone else do this?

And I pretty much carry three bookmarks with me at all times, just in case. Crazy or no?
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