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The last film script I wrote (and probably will ever write) was called LOVED ONE. I gave it to Director after I decided I didn't want to be part of the film company any more. That way, if he wanted to make another picture, he'd have some material to work with.

The premise is pretty basic: A husband chains up his unfaithful wife in the basement while he tries to cure her vampirism.

And what do I see is going to be the plot of next Saturday's Sci-Fi Channel Original? Pretty much the same thing, judging by the trailers. Oh well. It was bound to happen, I guess.

ETA: Further reading informs me that the two leads do not have a husband/wife relationship. They don't have any relationship at all, apparently, until the male character sees and becomes infatuated with the female vampire and kidnaps her.

So, he's a stalker. Ugh. My idea is better.
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