A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Let's make this official...

I no longer support Hillary Clinton for president. I'm throwing my support behind Barack Obama.

Now, I'm still pissed that Obama is not going to push for universal health care, and Clinton's wonkishness appeals to me much more than inspirational speechifying.

But Clinton's people have been making misstep after misstep, including this latest one. If Senator Clinton can't put together a solid campaign team, how the hell am I supposed to believe she can govern effectively?

I love her focus on policy, policy, policy (her speech about the credit crisis sounds great--I'm looking forward to hearing/reading it first hand) but her team is full of fuckups. So, I'm not supporting her any more.

Sure hope the couch isn't as lumpy as I remember...
Tags: politics

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