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Something cool

This is incredibly cool and beautiful. You need to be able to watch a video to see it. Also, if your boss is prudish to the point of derangement, they might find it inappropriate for work.

It's not, but I thought I'd throw in that warning.

In other news, I'm incredibly tired for a whole bunch of reasons. Revisions to Harvest of Fire are nearly done--just two more story elements and the title to fix (I hope).

And I stayed up to watch the premiere of the new season of UFC Unleashed. Christ, but Dana White is getting annoying. Where does a former aerobics instructor get off insulting past contestants on the show the way he did? Calling them pussies and dropping the f-bomb every sentence? No one is impressed by that crap.

Still, this season looks promising. Not that it was smart to stay up to watch it.

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  • 14 Jan 2019, 21:47
    Oh, yeah, excellent point.
  • 14 Jan 2019, 21:46
    Oh yeah. Like the lawyers who get obvious really venal criminals off because it makes their success rate look good. But those are not the ones I am referring to in meaning well. These guys are mixed…
  • 14 Jan 2019, 20:37
    This reminds me of the time my wife was injured and the insurance guy handling her case did everything possible to deny and stall the payment. We had to put her surgery on a credit card because this…
  • 14 Jan 2019, 19:24
    The creepiest part is that some of them are actually well meaning.
  • 14 Jan 2019, 19:08
    Yeah. It's godawful what people will do when they have authority and no fear about using it.
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