A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Something cool

This is incredibly cool and beautiful. You need to be able to watch a video to see it. Also, if your boss is prudish to the point of derangement, they might find it inappropriate for work.

It's not, but I thought I'd throw in that warning.

In other news, I'm incredibly tired for a whole bunch of reasons. Revisions to Harvest of Fire are nearly done--just two more story elements and the title to fix (I hope).

And I stayed up to watch the premiere of the new season of UFC Unleashed. Christ, but Dana White is getting annoying. Where does a former aerobics instructor get off insulting past contestants on the show the way he did? Calling them pussies and dropping the f-bomb every sentence? No one is impressed by that crap.

Still, this season looks promising. Not that it was smart to stay up to watch it.
Tags: harvest of fire, interesting things, internet, wasting time

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