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A large duck

I survived!

I got off the phone with my editor a little more than an hour ago. (My brain still wants me to type "the editor" in those sentences. I need to get over that disassociation.) I did not embarrass myself too badly, although I wish I didn't stammer so much. Salad Eater is the only person I ever talk about writing with, and I don't do it well. Type about writing, sure, but talking, not so much.

She clarified my questions and I know what direction to take on all of the remaining notes except one: Cut a minor character or keep him? Do you cut a character just because you can? Usually I'd say yes, but now I'm rethinking it. I'm tempted to keep him just because I like him. Instead of cutting him, I may give him something more interesting to do.

Since Everyone Loves Blue Dog is not going to fly as a title, I suggested The White Mark instead. It was deemed "pretty good," which is a better reaction than any of my other titles have gotten. Of course, if that's the one we go with, Harvest of Fire will need to be retitled as The [Adjective] [Noun], possibly even The [Color] [Noun]. Much thinking to be done.

And yeah, the protagonist's tears come too early in the book, before we get a chance to know him. I knew I'd need to rewrite that scene, but now I'll have to take out the crying (mostly... mwah hah hah hah... kaff kaff! -- Jeez, that evil laughing's hard on the throat).

Now I must pick up the boy from school.

Hey, did you watch the video from my previous entry? About the neuroscientist who has the stroke? Don't miss out.
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