A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

"Sick Around the World"

Right now I'm watching the Frontline episode "Sick Around the World" about health care systems around the world.

God, I want to leave this country.

Salad Eater made a very difficult phone call this morning. A friend of hers from art school--someone she's known for 25 years--was recently diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer. The doctors gave him less than a year to live, and he found a doctor who could perform an aggressive surgery that would set him up for a possible liver transplant.

He had the surgery two weeks ago, and he's doing pretty well. Not great, but pretty well. I still have hope for him.

Of course his insurance company refused to pay for his surgery. He's terminally ill, they say. They won't pay for surgery. They want him to die.

Luckily, he and his partner have the resources to pay for it themselves, if they can't win the fight. How many Americans have no choice but fold up and die because insuring them is suddenly unprofitable.

Fuck! We had 700,000 medical bankruptcies in 2001, and the numbers aren't getting better. When is this country going to get serious about reform?

I'm glad my friend can afford his surgery, even if his partner has to give up so much of what he's worked his whole life for. What could I do for Salad Eater if the same thing happened to her?
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