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N Random Things Make a Post

Ack. Pictures from this weekend are delayed. No excuse except that I've been busy.

Thanks for the kind words re: turning in a (hopefully) final version of Harvest of Fire. I should have been much happier about it, but I was unexpectedly hit with post-project blues. I was not ready for it at all and didn't even realize it was happening until well after that post was posted.

To help myself recover, I slept in today as much as my bladder would allow. Nine hours! It's like a miracle to be allowed to sleep like a childless person.

That said, I'm becoming dangerously fond of Burned to Life as a title for HoF. I know it won't fly, but I like it nonetheless.

The Promised Canadian Paradise is not as perfect as I thought: it seems that Net Neutrality hasn't really taken hold there. Canada Bell is throttling high-speed internet traffic. Hopefully, this will be taken care of by the time I earn enough points to emigrate.

Salad Eater said the Seeds of Compassion conference was terrific stuff. She teared up several times. Mango Eater was not as impressed. Too much talking, and it was difficult to hear the Dalai Lama. At dinnertime we told him he would probably never have another chance to hear the man speak, and he said "I guess I should have paid more attention."

Salad Eater was amazed by the organizational skill of the conference organizers. Fifteen hundred kids in and out in under 40 minutes was quite a feat.

The broken door is fixed, but the fix will not hold. We're going to have to fix it again, or have it replace. Oh well.

It's 11pm and my friends list is at "skip 150." I predict an unproductive day at the day job tomorrow.
Tags: harvest of fire, internet, reasons i suck, the wife

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