A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Tell me how to spend my money

But first, I'm at "skip=180" on my friend's list. I'm not ignoring you; I'm just behind.

Anyway, earlier this week I received a counter-signed copy of my contract and a check for the first part of my advance. This has been a long time coming, and I'd like to get myself a little something.

I'd originally planned to buy a complete set of the CHILL rpg, Pacesetter edition, but now I think that would just add clutter to our already cluttered apartment. I don't play paper and dice games any more and probably won't start up again until my son shows interest in a few years.

So, what should I treat myself to instead? I'm throwing the question out to you folks; have any good ideas? All suggestions should be $200 or less, and no video games or game consoles. I'm a little obsessive--when I start playing computer games, I don't stop for hours/weeks until I finish. Not good. There's also no need to suggest books, since I buy them anyway.

Have at it, please!

Poll #1173809 What reward do I deserve?

What should burger_eater buy himself now that he's received his first novel-writing check?

A decent, long-lasting office chair (I no longer write at my desk, so it'd be just for surfing and TV watching)
Speakers for his desktop (non-writing) computer
A kitchen gadget like a meat-grinder for the front of the stand mixer
What the heck, buy the rpg anyway
Something else you'll explain in comments

What the heck--if I end up taking your suggestion, I'll send you a book. Thanks.
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