A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Four Random Things Make a Post

* I'm not going to do the book titles every time. I'm already sick of doing it, but it's also still kinda fun. From now on it'll be once in a while, but not all the time.

* Reading the comments at james_nicoll's latest post on the Act Like A Boob Project has steam coming out of my ears. For God's sake, people! If a man is harassing a woman so much that it has become a problem, the responsibility for fixing that problem is not on the woman. It's the guy's behavior that's broken; don't tell the woman what she needs to do differently. Tell him.

* I'm nearly at the end of the difficult part of the Everyone Love Blue Dog rewrite. It doesn't help that I'm not getting the sleep I need (and what time of night am I posting this?). Not only that, but the Starbucks by the call center had an all new OCD patron. The regular guy just has hand and leg motions that he makes. No big deal. The lady that was there this morning smacked her lips with the regularity of a ticking clock. So very distracting. I felt for her, but when I hit a scene I'd completely forgotten about that needed to be rewritten from word one, I did not have the focus I needed.

But what did I expect? It was a downtown Starbucks.

* Someday, in the wise, gentle utopia of the future, children will come with "off" switches.

Nobody reads LiveJournal on the weekend, right?
Tags: everyone loves blue dog, internet, reasons i suck

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