A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
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Covert Front

Jeez, LJ has been crazy this last week, hasn't it? From boob grabbers to social skill lessons for the socially unskilled, my f-list has been very full lately.

Me, I'm just doing the same old. For instance, Mango Eater and I found a new game that we loved (this like will take you to a page with links to both parts) called Covert Front.

It's made by Mateusz Skutnik, the same guy behind the beautiful but painfully obscure Submachine games. Covert Front is much less vague and playable (within a reasonable time) and the setting... well, the setting is almost realistic.

It's 1904 in a steampunk alt-history Europe. The Great War has come early, and the Germans have been putting weird science out onto the battlefield. The player plays Kara, a spy sent to infiltrate a German scientist's house and come back with any intelligence she can find.

It's a point-and-click puzzle game with no ticking clock and no action scenes or platform-jumping. The art is simplistic, in keeping with the format: It's a free flash game you don't have to download to play. Low bandwidth, doncha know.

That said, the art is also beautiful. Skutnik can do beautiful work within these constraints. And the puzzles are pretty logical, which doesn't always follow with these sorts of games.

It's not as detailed or adrenaline-fueled as whatever you're playing on your Xbox, but it's free and lovely and very interesting.
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