A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Ezra Klein on political change

John Edwards' endorsement of Barack Obama prompts Ezra Klein to write about how we, as a nation, disapprove of the current president without taking responsibility for him. (And here's a followup post.)

It's a terrific post. It also makes me tremendously uncomfortable. I never voted for Bush, but there was a time when I supported some of his policies. Like a lot of Americans, I drank the Kool Aid and supported the invasion of Iraq. I argued for the rightness of it, and by doing so, betrayed all of my core beliefs.

I'm not proud of that but I don't want to hide it, either. I screwed up. This nation screwed up. We have to accept that if we're going to do better in the future.
Tags: politics, reasons i suck

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