A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Iron Man

I just saw IRON MAN and...

Wait. Did I mention the dream I had this morning?

It was very pleasant--Salad Eater and I went to a Memorial Day party together. It was a yearly event somewhere, and I had insisted that we attend because years later she had broken up with me on the eve of this party by moving out of town. I had gone to find her and win her back, succeeded, and had a great time with her.

I woke from the dream just as she woke, and I told her about it. I also told her that the dream was so fresh in my mind that I couldn't remember what was real and what wasn't. Had she once broken up with me by moving to another city?

She laughed and lightly smacked the side of my head, which was all the answer I needed.

Anyway, IRON MAN (SPOILERS) is solid from start to (almost-)finish. Poor Tony Stark is a jillionaire, weapon-building industrialist who never has to see the effects of his own weapons on human bodies. His test of a missile system hits an empty mountain side and the only time U.S. soldiers fire their weapons, we never see who they're shooting at and are quickly killed.

The villain of the piece is, of course, selling Stark's weapons tech to the bad guys--garden-variety terrorists of no specific ethnicity (and therefore no specific cause to fight for) who kill for hire and attack poor Afghan villages for some reason. Them, we see fire weapons.

Once Stark realizes what his work is being used for, he renounces all weapon-building and immediately... well, he immediately builds himself an Iron Man suit. I guess someone's living in denial, but he's not the most enlightened guy in the world.

The acting is great, even when the dialog is extra-cheesy. The stars talk fast and sell the emotions with their eyes. And the final armor fight is just what I would have wanted. The easter egg scene at the end of the credits was a bit of a let down--it looked rushed and had no impact--and a little too much anti- for the climax.

Overall, though, a terrific movie.
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