A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Salad Eater blew out the candle...

... but she didn't tell us what she wished for.

Yeah, we celebrated Salad Eater's birthday today, although it's really tomorrow. She has to work Sundays.

The original plan: a couple hours outside having family fun, buying fruit at the farmer's market, playing tennis, return home so the boy and I could bake her a birthday pie and have a nice spaghetti bolognese for dinner.

The actual day: The day was overcast and chilly, the farmer's market opened next week not this one, Salad had a headache, and the boy wasn't interested in baking.

We did have the pie and the bolognese, though.

Actually, yesterday my wife told me that her head was feeling weird--a spot above her eye that felt "metallic, like chewing aluminum foil." I was a little freaked out and started googling stroke symptoms, but it didn't fit.

This morning, I called the doctor's office twice and forced her to go. We spent the morning at Pike Place Market buying fruit and fancy cheese, then Mango Eater and I waited in the clinic lobby while Salad was diagnosed with a sinus infection. We brought her home and put her on the couch while we picked up her prescription. Then she and the boy watched THE SANTA CLAUSE while I cooked and baked up a storm. I'm still not done with the kitchen.

She liked her flowers and her food (At her request: no presents) and is sleeping soundly. Unfortunately, I have no idea how she's going to work tomorrow, but she's planning to.

Now I have to finish loading the dishwasher and get some sleep myself. I was up before 5 this morning, and I have a full writing goal to meet tomorrow.
Tags: the wife

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