A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Time for the Yay! Boo! game to end

Thank you, everyone, for the kind words about Mango Eater's comic in the previous post. It was wonderful to receive so many kind words on a day that turned out so screwy.

Here are the high points of the past week: Salad Eater's birthday celebration, the end of the primary season, Mango Eater sitting down and writing a book again after months of zero interest, and the chores the boy is willing to do for the money to buy Pokemon cards. Also, I guess, my bosses naming me Employee of the Month.

Here are the low points: Salad Eater's sinus infection, missing writing goals all weekend, finding out that the landlord might sell our building.

And here's the new low point: We've been robbed!

Yep. Nearly 14 years in this apartment, and for the first time ever someone broke in and robbed us.

But they stole such strange stuff. They took my mountain bike out of the laundry room. They took a bunch of quarters off the shelf by the bathroom. They took Mango Eater's bike helmet.

But they left my computer. They rifled through my receipts on my desk but they left my checkbook. And my computer. Did I mention my computer?

I should trade in my G4 Mac Mini for a computer worth stealing.

About my stolen bike: Salad Eater and I have been parking our bikes outside our apartments for months. We only moved them inside on Tuesday when the landlord asked us to tidy up. Next day: stolen.

There have been talk in the neighborhood about break-ins over the last few months, but we suspect that this was kids. It still falls under the "Boo!" category.

I'm calling our credit card company and canceling cards. I've called the property management company and the police. What else should I do?
Tags: life is great!

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