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I never talk about politics here as often as I would like. I hear or read some story that gets me riled up, but by the time I finish with work or make toast for the kid, I change my mind. I don't know as much about the subjects as I should, and I hate making that sort of misstep.

So I end up griping about my WIP, posting something about the kid or passing on a funny link, instead. Lame.

Until today! Oklahoma County Commissioner Brent Rhinehart is facing a tough reelection campaign. But it's not because he's going on trial in the fall for felony campaign violations. Oh no! It's because of the gays!

How, though, should the incumbent get the word out? Rhinehart has a plan: He's going to mail a self-published comic book to his constituents!

Sample pages at the reason.com I love how the candidate is dressed in overalls, while the gay Boy Scout leader is dressed as a zaftig Hercules. And he's dragging the scout out of the woods? Does that even make sense?

The AP news Story. (Money quote in that article by Keith Gaddie: "I've never seen a comic book with the phrase 'anal sodomy' in it before. That was a new one for me." Somebody send this guy some reading material.)

The entire comic in pdf form. No, I'm not planning to read the whole thing. Two pages was plenty.

See? I can combine a political post with a funny link. Some days it all works out. (seen via Boing Boing)
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