A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

I'm sitting in the theater

I'm sitting in the movie theater while I type this. Salad and Mango Eater just joined me for a nice breakfast, and while they headed out to the bounce rides (the Ballard Seafood fest is going on outside) I'm sitting in the theater waiting for THE DARK KNIGHT to start.

Will I love it? Who knows? My tastes have been annoyingly contrary lately. For instance, the first part of the DR. WHO season ender (which aired in the U.S. last night) was frenetic and empty and annoying. I want to write a letter to the producers informing them that they can not, in fact, make the exposition go by so fast that we don't notice the stink of utter bullshit. You can only make it so fast that we can't understand it.

Not that I'm against bullshit (said the man about to watch a freaking Batman movie) but last night's intelligent software plot point was even more full of crap than usual. I must have a line somewhere, because it was crossed, then it was stomped on and finally ground into a cloud of chalk.

Which doesn't mean I won't tape next week's finale and watch it front to back.

Theater's filling up. Gotta go.
Tags: film, wasting time

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